Monday, May 31, 2010 first post. Its a beautiful day, and i wish i had more time off >sigh<, but its been a very productive weekend. I've been spinning a lot now that i have a new drum carder (fancy kitty fine), >
i mean really A LOT. i have determined that i love neppy yarn. is it because i can't prepare my fiber any other way? (see beautiful neppy innocent yarn at left-and wristlets at right))..possibly, so its just a giant cop-out. but really, i am almost nostalgic already about my badly hand-carded spinning which has such a sweet homespun quality to it, i will never return to that uninitiated pre-drum carder state of innocence, alas.
My returning to spinning all started with a trip to Rhinebeck sheep and wool last october, where my friend (enabler) Rose. She thought it would be a great idea to check out the raw fleeces for sale. We both returned with about 4 bags each of raw fleece. now i had bought fleece before, but it was always corriedale from the same source in Maryland. so i had no experience with Romney. I also bought a Cormo fleece online a few months later. I found the Cormo to be really challenging to wash and prepare.More about that later.

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martha said...


i love your reports on your fiber doings and the beautiful pictures. i look forward to the next posting.

apparently there are several million bloggers out there who share an interest in knitting and spinning. wow!


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