Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been quite busy finding yarns to dye, my most recent find is a gorgeous merino/baby alpaca/silk that knits up at 5 st to the inch on 6 needles, it is very soft and has a lovely sheen. it is also quite bouncy/stretchy -shd be great for hats. I have set up my Etsy shop "Swoon Fibers" . and have listed 3 things there:
I am very pleased with the new colors i have been able to achieve!! The above colorway -on 70/30 merino cashmere--is called "Willow" because the gray/blue shades remind me of the underside of willow leaves in the wind combined with the soft greens. I have also dyed some rayon novelty yarn (Silk City "Trillino"-closed out)This is a yarn they should never have discontinued! It is baby soft, in fact was used--among other things-- for boutique baby-wear in the past, it is so soft. I love the way it picks up color.
The "willow" colorway I think looks pretty knitted up--since the color areas are not very large, it has a sort of pretty "camouflage" look instead of "stripey" look which i like.

Another new yarn which i have just purchased--its a cashmere/silk (it approx 70/30 cashmere/silk) ribbon, really luscious and i have only just started working with it.

I've been playing around with "metallic" looks, my experiments with it so far are shown here--its hard to see in the picture but the "sparkly" bits are really pretty.Its a lot of work because you have to let the paint "cure" for 24 hours, and then steam as usual--i need to knit a swatch and wash it numerous times to see how well the metallic "stays" in the fiber...(to be continued)

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