Monday, December 13, 2010

what's on my needles...

This time of year there are not only gifts to make, but since its chilly I find myself making a lot of hand-warmers and scarves. I have gotten caught up in no less than 4 projects!

1-a gift of handwarmers for my friend and (boss) --she doesn't read my blog so i'm safe :P
this is using my "Pearls" yarn, the color i must say came out really gorgeous. (using "roots and herbs" colorway) 80/20 baby alpaca/silk

2-i wanted to try my Cozy Toes in a jacquard pattern, so hence the ONE hand warmer, will i finish the other one??
(its also a mosaic pattern and using some colors i haven't listed yet in case you're wondering) if i ever finish these i will provide the pattern.

3-cozies for cups--for little gifties for colleagues at work, i am too embarrassed to show my first looks a little hmm...too 'garage sale' if you know what i mean...!
(sometimes the imagination skips the actual 'doing' part)

4-seed stitch hand warmers with an "interlocking" border bit at the cuff.
(these are made with 100% alpaca in a natural cream color from Abenaki Farms...gorgeous stuff!)...and very warm.

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