Sunday, January 30, 2011

*Knitting Show RI*
Had fun in RI last weekend at the Slater Mill Knitting Retreat (see below) . what a beautiful space! Met a lot of cool knitters & vendors and generally enjoyed myself talking about all things knitty. Too bad its over 3 hours from NYC, I would love to take a class there...

Today is the last day to enter the January raffle, to win a skein of "Painterly" thick and thin bulky 100% Merino. The winner will be announced tomorrow! go to my website and click on "raffle". The website is under renovation and will be finished soon, in the meantime the raffle page is up and working.

I will be sending out a mini newsletter soon, full of goodies and coupon codes.

*New Year, New Yarns...*
I'll be offering sale yarns on Etsy to move out a few things to make room for the new! I will be discontinuing "Kitten Paws" and doing more colors in my washable Merino worsted from Italy "H2Wool"Also I am reworking the "Ruffled Scarf Kit" in this yarn. See Etsy for deep discounts in the "Kitten Paws". (The yarn combo in the ruffled scarf kit was very hard to dye consistantly, so I will be using "Cozy Toes" for the ruffle part and "H2Wool" for the body)
Also offering soon: new colors in : " Love Birds"worsted merino : Jasmine Rose-a soft dusty pink, Infusion-pale watery soft green, and Taro-a soft darkish purple. These are the new additions to the already popular Seaglass, Woodrose, Winesap & Denim.

*Dye Issues*
I have heard from 2 customers about a problem with my "Pearls" yarn. Apparently in the blue and blue-greens the dye comes off on ones hands. I am still awaiting Dharma Tradings' (where i get my dyes)dye expert to get back to me but they have assured me that they will. (one customer suggested soaking in salt to pull out the dye!) stay tuned....
ps: the "Pearls" baby alpaca/silk is the only yarn where this issue has appeared, all others are not doing this...and its also only in the blue...go figure.

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