Sunday, February 27, 2011

I used to buy a LOT of knitting and fiber books, now I have to say i am more discerning and only buy a book if I know I will go back to it many times. My newest book which i bought last week is called "The Knitters Book of Wool" by Clara Parkes.

One of the reasons I brought it home with me was that I had bought a Cormo fleece at Rhinebeck last year, and not only was it tough to process...getting the lanolin out was challenging...but spinning it was not so easy either. I love Cormo yarn and have knitted with it over the years, mostly purchased from a vendor at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, so I thought it would be relatively nice & easy to spin, and I found that not to be true.

Clara explains in the "Cormo" section the following: "the high crimp and short staple length make maintaining even tension somewhat of a challenge. If you find a Cormo yarn thats somewhat lumpy, this is why."

I highly recommend this book for anyone who knits with wool, even if you're not a spinner its well written, infomative and has great patterns in it as well.


radkadesign said...

that sounds like a great book, Alida. I will check it out.

alida said...

hi radka,
it is a GREAT book. the best book i've seen on the breeds and their characteristics, and well written.(and they are NOT paying me to say so!)

Page Two

"PATTERN DOWNLOADS" page is where you can purchase all of SWOON FIBERS patterns in .pdf form.