Friday, February 17, 2012

Attraction in Blue & White

What is it about the color blue? It goes with everything, and has its roots in the color indigo, but its roots seem to be firmly American. However the love of blue is also from Japan in the form of stencil dyed pieces, Shibori and in other techniques.
and Chinese blue-and-white porcelain. From the description of the 1996 book "Blue and White Japan" by Amy Sylvester Katoh :
"From Finland to Guatemala blue and white is a classic color combination. But nowhere is this design element more a part of the interior landscape and culture than in Japan, where blue and white appear together in fine porcelains and on tiles, in textiles, kitchenware, futon coverings and kimonos. ..........Japanese indigo textile craftsmen and learn about such indigo techniques as katzome, stencil dyeing, and shibori, a delicate, sophisticated form of tie-dyeing in indigo. From hats to vases, floor cushions to tea settings, Blue and White Japan is a fascinating, inspiring look at this classic design."

Blue and white in linen cloths are a classic that is unquestioned in the kitchen. There is blue and white ticking, denim : " the fabric of hardworking, honest labour" ( and other blue and white threads that weave through different places and different times throughout history.

Here in my dye studio, I've been experimenting with a variety of yarns , with tie-dying and compression dyeing with my favorite color in this technique: Blue.
In the basket of yarns : Addison superwash worsted (from Italy) , Ariel sock weight 70 mink, 20 merino and 10 silk, and Silk Chainette tape yarn, and Margo pure silk worsted singles: all dyed in the "Indigo Shibori" colorway.

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sharon said...

Love the new yarn! Just bought 2 skeins of the sock yarn, I adore the Indigo shibori colorway!

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