Friday, December 17, 2010

Celadon & Celery and last minute Knitty Gifties

We were gifted a "surprise evening" last night -- a floral arranging class for a dozen of us in my department at work.This was held in the NY flower district, & was SO much fun! (see my handiwork above)
The use of unusual elements like cinnamon sticks and horsetail for the "structure" made the class a visual and sensual pleasure!
If you live in or around NYC and you're looking for a really fun and creative activity for a group-think of Celadon & Celery, a floral design house that"creates 'green' events that integrate respect for the planets resources with beautiful products and spaces" contact
I've been knitting away on my "regular" knitty gifties for friends and colleagues, and I have finished the first "cup cozy" that i am happy with. Its nice to use up scraps of yarn at the same time, this one uses a silk/cashmere for the ivory color, and then miscellaneous wool and merino (some "Love Birds"--the pinky-violet) and some hand-spun silk/alpaca of my own, and the black is some Plymouth Yarns alpaca boucle from "Alpaca Direct".
the pattern is simple enough, i just cast on an estimated amount of stitches for the bottom, and since i neglected to increase as the mug widened, i had to make up for it with the short-rowed rib that i picked up at the "handle" side. This is still a bit experimenntal and when i perfect it i'll supply the pattern either here or at Ravelry.How fun to receive a ceramic cup filled with chocolate, or cookies with a nice ribbon atop? and i might add, a very inexpensive but personal touch in a mass-market world.

Don't forget--the Swoon Fibers December raffle winner will be picked soon for this month, and the winner will receive one skein of Love Birds Merino worsted in 'Winesap' or 'Denim', to enter raffle & to see colors click the link below & my etsy shop:

The colorful background for the cup cozy is courtesy of "Giant Dwarf" -I fell in love with her color cards....i will be hanging them on my wall, they are so beautiful. Sue Eggens' felt colors are an inspiration in themselves.

Monday, December 13, 2010

what's on my needles...

This time of year there are not only gifts to make, but since its chilly I find myself making a lot of hand-warmers and scarves. I have gotten caught up in no less than 4 projects!

1-a gift of handwarmers for my friend and (boss) --she doesn't read my blog so i'm safe :P
this is using my "Pearls" yarn, the color i must say came out really gorgeous. (using "roots and herbs" colorway) 80/20 baby alpaca/silk

2-i wanted to try my Cozy Toes in a jacquard pattern, so hence the ONE hand warmer, will i finish the other one??
(its also a mosaic pattern and using some colors i haven't listed yet in case you're wondering) if i ever finish these i will provide the pattern.

3-cozies for cups--for little gifties for colleagues at work, i am too embarrassed to show my first looks a little hmm...too 'garage sale' if you know what i mean...!
(sometimes the imagination skips the actual 'doing' part)

4-seed stitch hand warmers with an "interlocking" border bit at the cuff.
(these are made with 100% alpaca in a natural cream color from Abenaki Farms...gorgeous stuff!)...and very warm.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Raffle -"Love Birds" 100% Merino hand-spun hand-dyed give away

Swoon Fibers is starting its 2nd raffle! Log on to
to enter. The drawing will be at the end of the month.
I couldn't resist the animated moose...sorry!

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