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WPIs and Gauge

What are the TRUE wraps-per-inch numbers? I've been delving into this as a way to provide more information for knitters and crocheters to substitute yarn, or plan projects better.
However, I have found a discrepancy between the WPI's out there.
For example:
here is a standard supplied by a maker of WPI gauges (sevenyaks on Etsy)

WPI Standards:
18 or more wpi – Lace weight
16 wpi – Fingering weight
14 wpi – Sport weight
12 wpi – Worsted weight
10 wpi – Bulky
8 or less wpi – Very bulky

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Photos I Finally Like

Have been spending a lot of time updating my photos and reorganizing my studio (Spring!) and really enjoying it. A new camera, tripod, and rethinking the lighting as well as watching 50 million photography tutorials has really helped. I'm not there yet, but I am much, much closer to my "ideal photography".

Happy Friday!

2 things to be excited about today:

1-My newly repaired mini flax wheel is waiting for me at the post office

2-I have the whole weekend to play with new dye colors and combinations
I am really into the "pale combos" at the moment

About Swoon Fibers new loyalty program

I’ve been thinking about a way to thank you, my customer, by giving you a flexible, meaningful reward.
Without your support, I would not be able to do this thing that I love to do, working with fiber and exploring color.
I came up with the ‘Swoon Dollars’ , and easy way for you to earn discounts for future purchases.
Here's how it works: For every skein of yarn you buy in my Etsy shop, I will send you a discount code for that amount, to use on your next purchase of yarn. Simple!

These rewards don’t expire, so you can save them all year to use for holiday gift-giving, for example. Or you may use them up as you would like, in the way that you like.
CUSTOM: You may use these reward dollars towards a custom order.
GIFTING: You may also give them away – just let me know who you have gifted your dollars to, and I will note it on your “account”.

{{Things you CANNOT do with Swoon Dollars: coupon codes do not work for skeins of yarn that are ON SALE, or for Sari Silk Ribbon, or for stitch marker…

NJFAF show October 1,2 & 3

Come see me at my booth at NJFAF!  Print out or show the coupon on your smartphone for 3 different levels of savings on Swoon Fibers yarn!

Semi-Solids available on all bases!