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Mini Swatch Memory Scarf

I’ve been saving these mini swatches for all of the years that i’ve been dyeing up yarn, which at the end of this month ( memorial day) will be at 9 years. Since we moved recently, I’ve lost track of at least some of the treasure trove of swatches that are over 5 years old, i know they are in a box somewhere in storage. I decided to make a gradient of them on Mothers Day, just to see a kind of ‘mind map’ of which colors are dominant in my ‘dyeing mind’, kind of a mirror, if you will. And then that grew into the idea of knitting these into a stripey scarf.  I looked for a textured stitch that would also handle different yarn thicknesses, and finally landed on JUTE STITCH ( row 1: knit, row 2:k2tog all across, row3:knit1 front and back all across, row 4: purl across) The stitch creates a ridge every 4 rows, and the increases create a bumpy- loftiness. I just love how this is looking! ( and feeling) The scarf ( or infinity cowl more likely) is lofty, and is ‘equalizing’ the yarn differe…

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