Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas through new years inventory sale-Extended

*swoon fibers*

~ inventory sale ~

which means: selected items discounted
great deals on odd skeins
batch discounts = mixed oddballs
(messy skeins half off!)
including cashmere
WAS: December 26 through January 1 2012
NOW: extended through to January 31

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Embellished Mittens

The best part about these wool mittens is that I did not slavishly knit them myself. (If I had, it would have been one pair instead of 12!) There are a couple of Etsy shops that have inexpensive hand-made items that can then be embellished or personalized . (see SHOPS below) I just gave a pair to a colleague who retired recently, and also a pair to my hairdresser. I like the fact that there is a little or a lot of embellishment, and it's fun to personalize with the recipient in mind. Also, a pair of beaded mittens are 'not too serious', so its something that's handmade, pretty and has a whimsical twist.

Knit4you- wonderfully simple all-wool mittens in really nice colors and nice quality un-scratchy wool. All the pictures shown here started with Knit4you mittens.

SoEclectic-this shop has some really adorable striped handwarmers that are just begging for a little bling. Of course they are also super cute as is :)

Zoeleon-I have not personally tried this shop, but the fingerless gloves look simple, are in wool, and are still inexpensive enough to not break the bank.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mink and Baby Camel ON SALE until December 25th 2011

Select 10% off sale
starts today
on all
~ Baby Camel and Mink yarns-- until Christmas ~

~ & ~

< Dec 11 ~ Jan 11 >

For everyone whose order is over $15.00: until Jan 11 they will receive a 25% one time coupon,in their purchase for their NEXT order (PHYSICAL coupon with code, not sent by email) I started this last week for certain customers, it been very popular so I am doing that
for everyone until Jan 11..

~ & ~
I have an ongoing FIRST TIME ONLY 10% off for liking Swoon Fibers on Facebook,
(coupon code FBHELP) and and an additional 10% for joining my Ravelry group. (coupon code RAVHELP) and for both (20% off) the code is FBRAV.

This cannot be combined with holiday Repeat Customers gift.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


New pattern page for easier downloading of patterns! All the patterns are in one place now, and I have fixed the links to Ravelry as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Waiting for Venice-you know who you are!

Just because I know there are some of you anxiously waiting for this colorway...I have decided to PROVE that I am actually working on it!
Scarf on the left, yarn sitting in dye on the right.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 2011 yarn Raffle winner

Raffle Winner for October will be posted here as soon as she or he responds. The winner will receive:
1 skein of Painterly Thick & Thin merino handspun in colorway "Dreamboat"

Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Jersey Fiber Arts Festival

Swoon Fibers will be a vendor at this lovely venue. I enjoyed this so much last year, the space is light and airy, the people could not be nicer. If you're in teh area please do stop by!

North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival
Friday, September 30, 2011 Saturday, October 1, 2011 RAIN or SHINE Where: Unitarian Society, 113 Cottage Place, Ridgewood, NJ

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

in the shop now...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

50FB fans, 50 items, 50% off sale selected yarns!

Selected yarns at 50% off!! Today through the 13th ONLY!
Just use 50OFFSECTIONONLY as the coupon code on Etsy, ONLY in the ”50 off section” of my Etsy shop.(sorry, only the items in that section will be honored)
Today I have 50 items in my shop, I have 50 Facebook fans, so to celebrate the big five-oh I am running this special sale.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Raffle Winner for July

Debra from Hayden Lake Idaho won this lovely skein of Swoon Fibers "Mousse" which is a super-soft and bouncy hand-dyed 80/10/10 Merino/cashmere/nylon 2-ply blend. The yardage is 575 yards /115 grams. This yarn is available in my Etsy Shop:
Linknext drawing is Aug 1. If you would like to sign up, there are two ways to do this:
1.) BLOG:see the new sign-up form to the right
2.) FACEBOOK see the link to the right.
10% off -like my facebook page
10% off if you join my Ravelry group
20% off if you do both.
(contact me on facebook, Ravelry or Etsy and I will send you your code)
Bamboo Logo Tags: (you can see this tag in the picture above) This little recycled bamboo logo tag is worth $1.60 each ! so hold on to them, and when i receive them you'll get your discount.
This is my way of recycling these little cuties for a second , 3rd, and 4th time...and giving a nice discount at the same time.
Note: at the present these only are available with your Swoon Fibers Gold purchase
~ s w o o n f i b e r s g o l d pure luxury ~
~pure cashmere~ mink~ silk, & baby camel ~
~ ~free 16.00 skein of yarn for 10 returned bamboo SFG logo tags! or, return them one at a time if you wish. They can be shipped regular mail, they are very lightweight.~ ~

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Shawl-Shape Attraction

Once I understood how the typical shawl is made, I pretty much just made up stitches as i went along. To work this way is not everyone's cup of tea, but it certainly is my typical impulsive nature to jump in and has its pros and cons.
I really love open stitches that are not necessarily pretty or lacy, so this was a great way to experiment.
The basic triangle shawl shape is this: there is a "spine" down the center, the ever-expanding piece is increased every-other row + 4 stitches, 2 in the center on each side of the one stitch "spine", and one on each side...which can be before the border, part of the border, or just plain increases. This creates a triangular shape that can be any size, you can stop at any point . I love that this can be so versatile, this could be a carefully planned fancy stitch pattern and complex border, or a very simple stitch to show off a fantastic yarn. The increases create a lot of possibilities, this is a great "blank canvas" for so many variations and a very pretty and practical way to "wear your favorite yarn".
It can become totally addictive: because it is so 'un-fussy' it becomes the go-to project for relaxing knitting. Its also so much fun to watch it grow, and the pay-off comes relatively quickly, especially if you have used sport/dk or worsted weight and open stitches. This is also a fantastic gift and can be worn year-round thanks to air conditioned spaces being sometimes a little too chilly.
There is no shortage of free and affordable patterns on Ravelry, the design talent is staggering as you page through these-and you become aware that the shawl and wrap shape has captured the imagination of many talented designers; in addition there are a lot of fun and inventive shape variations.
note: my 'beginner' shawls: the pale blue/peach shawl is in my new 100% handspun cashmere hand -dyed colorway "endpaper" available in my shop. The green darker and more funky shawl is knitted with less than a full skein of Love Birds Merino singles available here in "Green Agate" please excuse the slightly blurry picture .

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Shawl Knitting in Luxury

While vacationing this weekend on lovely Lake Ontario; I was also pleased to find that I had a good signal for my iPad, so thanks to the new age of electronics, i was enjoying the best of both worlds... Lakeside knitting, peace, quiet ...and rain! (lots of it!) Since I'm playing with my new trove of luxuries, I had brought the new cashmere, mink, and baby camel yarns, and since it was cold enough to have the heat on (!) it was perfect for handling these fibers.
Shawl knitting is new to me, so after a few attempts using NO pattern, I decided to look for a simple pattern since I obviously wasn't getting it. I found the lovely "LaLa's simple shawl" on Ravelry, and thanks to Ravelrys' "download to library" feature, i was able to start knitting immediately.
I changed the beginning border because i made a mistake, so by the time i figured it out I was well into the shawl. The stitch pattern is different as well because I had been playing with some open wrap stitches and i wanted more open-ness and texture than in the LaLa original. The pattern is wonderfully easy and great for the beginning shawl-knitter.
When I have a FO i will post here. I'm using my Pure Cashmere handspun (worsted) in colorway "endpaper".

Monday, May 23, 2011

OMG the yarns!!!

Its like...I can't even speak! I received my gorgeous yarns today, and they might be too pretty to dye. Kleio gave the huge package the SNIFF test:

And because I felt that I must, I made a lovely "bouquet" of said yarns.

Life is good, but today, life is amazing... that there is such a thing as yarn.
Pictured here in all its wonderment:
hand-spun cashmere, hand-spun baby camel, hand-spun silk/wool, Yak, and Mink.
I will be thinking of what colors to dye these yarns when I recover....

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wave of Color on Sale

Check out new deeper discounts! As I am closing in on my vacation (yippee!!) I am adding more discounts.
I will be vacationing on the edge of lovely Lake Ontario, where we have lake in front and a pond behind, I will be relaxing & knitting away the days...
(its only a long weekend but it feels like a big deal)
the older Love Birds colors are 15% off now, so if you combine that with the 10% off coupon code, its a full 25% off.
I have discounted also this lovely wool/alpaca
"Botanical" i have another skein in a deep blue , (not listed)also 250 grams which i will sell for the same price.
Also relisted and discounted is my super-soft superwash in the "Super-happy" colorway, in a 250 gram/485 yards skein.
Feel free to convo me on Etsy with any questions, or at

Sunday, May 15, 2011

DeStashing Pictures-Cozy Toes Sock

Normally 12.89 , now half price at 6.50 plus shipping
please convo me at

From left to right:
The skeins are a little messy, but not tangled or knotted by any means and will unwind without a problem.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anniversary Sale until May 30th

Lots of yarns on sale: in addition if you use the coupon codes below in my Etsy shop
you will get additional discounts (10% off) and also free shipping domestically ;
These codes will only be in place until end of the day May 30, 2011.
This applies to CUSTOM ORDERS as well.

(Yes I know i was offering free shipping to US and Canada, but as yarn prices have been climbing I would prefer to keep my prices the same & affordable for now and add back in shipping-)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day! PRE-SALE

I will be adding a lot of exciting new yarns for Fall this year, so to make room for the new arrivals such as Handspun Silk/Wool, Handspun 100% cashmere, and Handspun 100% silk, I am having a massive SALE starting Memorial Day weekend.
This coincides with Swoon Fibers' One-Year Anniversary On
Memorial Day Weekend!
50/50 Merino/Tencel

This will be a HALF PRICE SALE, normally GLOSS is 17.18 for 100 grams,
now will be $8.59. This is the last of this yarn, I will be focusing on all hand-spun yarns going forward. The yardage is 210 yards per 100 grams. Because of its nature, it is a light worsted.

I am also listing in the next 3 weeks:
Merino/Cashmere sock yarn, normally $23.89 will be 30% OFF at $16.73 until all stock is sold out. This is an 80/20 merino/cashmere: 416 yards, 8 st on US2 needle.
There are limited quantities of this yarn.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Dyeing Technique?(snail dyeing)

I've been struggling recently with dyeing some new superwash from Italy . I ordered a LOT because i love the yarn, it is super-soft and squishy, and is "plump", no other way to describe it. It has a wonderful bounce to it.
However,the dye strikes so fast that i barely have it in the dyebath before it soak up so much color and leave the water clear. Ok, so i exaggerated a little but there it is. So i have ended up with dark colors and "white spots". Now, thanks to the readers and contributors at the "Love to Dye" group on Ravelry who have been helping me with this issue, they have suggested: not soaking the yarn ahead/dyeing using cold water/adding salt to slow it down. I have taken their suggestions, except for salt..which i still want to try.
I decided to experiment with DRY yarn, COLD water, and a very weak dye solution.
My first skein which i started last night turned out very subtle ...(*see green skein pictured below)
I did not take notes, this was just a test. It took a LONG time. Now i am trying to see if this is workable for production, trying 3 skeins simultaneously and taking notes.(I am notoriously deficient in teh note -taking department!) I want to end up with a soft rose that looks similar to the green in feeling. I've started with a weak solution of Dharma Tradings' acid dye color "plum dandy" which is a beautiful color without mixing with anything.
Then i have set the skein on top of about 3/4 " of the solution.

Now: stage 2: since the first "soak" came out darker than I expected, I have mixed the next "soak" to be lighter and a little warmer so i can start building up shades. This is taking a lot of patience but i think it will pay off.

*The green "test skein" came out with a little bit too much red in the browns, i may over-dye it with some more pale shades. I am very happy though in general, it is "white-spot" free and has a really nice quality to the color.
stage 2:See below i have over-dyed the green with a few layers of navy/brown. I really like the way the colors are layered and the outcome looks really rich. It also has a "watercolor painting" effect that i like a lot.

I think it was a success...stay tuned.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I used to buy a LOT of knitting and fiber books, now I have to say i am more discerning and only buy a book if I know I will go back to it many times. My newest book which i bought last week is called "The Knitters Book of Wool" by Clara Parkes.

One of the reasons I brought it home with me was that I had bought a Cormo fleece at Rhinebeck last year, and not only was it tough to process...getting the lanolin out was challenging...but spinning it was not so easy either. I love Cormo yarn and have knitted with it over the years, mostly purchased from a vendor at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, so I thought it would be relatively nice & easy to spin, and I found that not to be true.

Clara explains in the "Cormo" section the following: "the high crimp and short staple length make maintaining even tension somewhat of a challenge. If you find a Cormo yarn thats somewhat lumpy, this is why."

I highly recommend this book for anyone who knits with wool, even if you're not a spinner its well written, infomative and has great patterns in it as well.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

*Knitting Show RI*
Had fun in RI last weekend at the Slater Mill Knitting Retreat (see below) . what a beautiful space! Met a lot of cool knitters & vendors and generally enjoyed myself talking about all things knitty. Too bad its over 3 hours from NYC, I would love to take a class there...

Today is the last day to enter the January raffle, to win a skein of "Painterly" thick and thin bulky 100% Merino. The winner will be announced tomorrow! go to my website and click on "raffle". The website is under renovation and will be finished soon, in the meantime the raffle page is up and working.

I will be sending out a mini newsletter soon, full of goodies and coupon codes.

*New Year, New Yarns...*
I'll be offering sale yarns on Etsy to move out a few things to make room for the new! I will be discontinuing "Kitten Paws" and doing more colors in my washable Merino worsted from Italy "H2Wool"Also I am reworking the "Ruffled Scarf Kit" in this yarn. See Etsy for deep discounts in the "Kitten Paws". (The yarn combo in the ruffled scarf kit was very hard to dye consistantly, so I will be using "Cozy Toes" for the ruffle part and "H2Wool" for the body)
Also offering soon: new colors in : " Love Birds"worsted merino : Jasmine Rose-a soft dusty pink, Infusion-pale watery soft green, and Taro-a soft darkish purple. These are the new additions to the already popular Seaglass, Woodrose, Winesap & Denim.

*Dye Issues*
I have heard from 2 customers about a problem with my "Pearls" yarn. Apparently in the blue and blue-greens the dye comes off on ones hands. I am still awaiting Dharma Tradings' (where i get my dyes)dye expert to get back to me but they have assured me that they will. (one customer suggested soaking in salt to pull out the dye!) stay tuned....
ps: the "Pearls" baby alpaca/silk is the only yarn where this issue has appeared, all others are not doing this...and its also only in the blue...go figure.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Slater Mill Knitting Weekend in Pawtucket Rhode Island!

This coming weekend is the "3rd Annual Knitting Weekend" in Pawtucket RI,
I will be there with my yarns, as well as:

Knitting Weekend Marketplace Vendors

One of the best things about the upcoming Knitting Weekend at Slater Mill is that the Marketplace is now going to run for TWO days instead of just one! Twice as much time to browse and plan purchases!


Saturday, January 22nd 10AM-6PM

Sunday, January 23rd 10AM-5PM

Slater Mill 67 Roosevelt Ave Pawtucket, RI

List of vendors:

Swoon Fibers:

Angora & Worms :

Yarns Over Tuscany :

We Got the Buttons:

Fresh Purls:

Play at Life Fibers:

Thistledown Yarns: Knitted & Felted earflap cap kits, original designs, knitted yoke wool sweaters, hand painted wool yarn

Pretty Useful Things: Independent Co-op selling knitted jewelry, bags and stitch markers

Island Fiber Co-Op: Independent artists selling handmade sock blockers and repurposed, rescued wool.

And the authors of New England Knits will be in the marketplace signing their very popular book!

Cecily Glowik MacDonald & Melissa LaBarre: BOOK SIGNING IS SATURDAY ONLY

Saturday and Sunday offer a range of classes for knitters of all levels:

Courtesy of The Shetland Trader; Gudrun Johnston, artist.
  • Gudrun Johnston will be offering two classes: The Aestlight Shawl which focuses on traditional shawl making techniques from the Shetland Isles and Short Row Sleeve Cap, covering the basics of a seamless set in sleeve.
  • Hand knitting designer Mary Jane Mucklestone returns to the Mill this year after a trip to Peru, with offerings of Andean Knitting techniques and an exploration of Color in Fair Isle.
  • Fiber artist Adrienne Sloane invites you to try your hand at Knitting with Wire, while local designer Helen Bingham will guide you through the process of Designing Your Own Hat.
  • For the brave hearted, Cheryl Burke, who has designs published in the online knitting magazine Twist Collective, offers Fearless Steeking, a method of uninterrupted knitting in the round, sewing and cutting to allow for sleeves or a cardigan.
  • Designer Gina House, of Sleepy Eyes Knits, will be teaching a class in her popular Amanda Hat and treating us to a session of KnitStretch Yoga.
  • For those of you ready to expand your love of fiber arts to another craft, RI Spinning Guild member Beth Fitzpatrick will be offering a workshop in Drop Spindle for Knitters.

Hotel rooms will be offered at a Knitting Weekend discount at the nearby Comfort Inn for those who wish to avoid commuting. To download the brochure or to register using PayPal, please visit our blog at

For more information please contact Bernadette Vaughan at 401-725-8638 ext. 108 or

Saturday, January 1, 2011

“Susan from the upper west side of Manhattan” won the drawing for a free skein of Merino “Love Birds” today. She has chosen the color ”Winesap” . She is also a member of the Ravelry group "Downtown NY Knitters" !
Congratulations Susan!

Januarys’ Raffle will be for a skein of my new thick & thin Chunky merino yarn . To enter, go to the swoon fibers website and click on “RAFFLE”.

now you might be wondering why 2 New Yorkers won the first 2 raffles! (see the raffle page at my website) I am surprised too! The drawing is done with little

of paper in a jar, so this is purely


Page Two

"PATTERN DOWNLOADS" page is where you can purchase all of SWOON FIBERS patterns in .pdf form.