Saturday, December 17, 2011

Embellished Mittens

The best part about these wool mittens is that I did not slavishly knit them myself. (If I had, it would have been one pair instead of 12!) There are a couple of Etsy shops that have inexpensive hand-made items that can then be embellished or personalized . (see SHOPS below) I just gave a pair to a colleague who retired recently, and also a pair to my hairdresser. I like the fact that there is a little or a lot of embellishment, and it's fun to personalize with the recipient in mind. Also, a pair of beaded mittens are 'not too serious', so its something that's handmade, pretty and has a whimsical twist.

Knit4you- wonderfully simple all-wool mittens in really nice colors and nice quality un-scratchy wool. All the pictures shown here started with Knit4you mittens.

SoEclectic-this shop has some really adorable striped handwarmers that are just begging for a little bling. Of course they are also super cute as is :)

Zoeleon-I have not personally tried this shop, but the fingerless gloves look simple, are in wool, and are still inexpensive enough to not break the bank.


Laurie said...

Really cute idea! (Knit4you is my mom, and I make the same style mittens.) I also embroider but still don't quite have embroidering with yarn down so I haven't tried this.

Attic Clutter said...

darling mittens I really love the green ones (:)

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