Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hurrican Sandy hits New York ~ Knitting by Candlelight

With the recent storm , Sandy, the first night I knitted for 2 hours and achieved about 3/4 of an inch. In had chosen a pattern that I never would have on a normal was a super-complicated cable pattern(for me, that is!), a dark colored yarn, using smallish needles than I usually use for a hat! I was thinking as I soldiered on , stitch by stitch,  "I am sure I'm not the only one who is knitting by candlelight".I was squinting - The power was out in my neck of the woods for about a week.First, I knitted to keep my brain thinking about something other than the constant howl of the wind. All through the storm and in the the aftermath I reached for my knitting . Once again, having something to puzzle over and keep my mind and my hands occupied kept me relatively calm, once again, in a disaster. The hat..the humble little cotton and cashmere textured bit of knitting will remind me, whenever I see it, of that first night, always.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Jersey Fiber Arts Festival!

Smile, Swoon, Create, Enjoy...
   I am just as busy as can be, prepping for my favorite show. This year the New jersey Fibers Arts Festival in Ridgewood, New Jersey has expanded to three days this year. I am determined to improve my presentation, as the last couple of years its been nothing more than 'a table', some baskets, and some yarn. Hm,not the best it could be...So with that in mind I've been having a really nice time working hard, trolling Pinterest for great visuals, visiting stores, and generally doing visual merchandising research. Tinsel Trading, always an inspiration, was as fun as ever and a wealth of great ideas.

My new cuties for Hat display
The 2 cuties above are for my recent find on Etsy. Patty is the talented artist who paints these wonderful faces for her shop Prim Critters. I was looking for antique mannequin heads, because I don't really like the faces and expressions on the readily available ones. (The antique ones, IMHO,  don't really look 'at' you,and usually have a gentler attitude than the scary aggressive modern ones do)

Of course, I have not had much time for dyeing with all this new pattern preparation!
 I have added a Slouch Hat that uses one skein of "Painterly" thick & thin hand spun hand-painted yarn, a Baby Sweater hat uses a variety of worsted to sport weight yarns in sizes 3,6,12,18 and 24 months.And, a new funky fun scarf/cowl convertible with Dreadlock-type fringe, knitted up with my hand spun hand-dyed "Love Birds"yarn, called the "Dread Love Cowl". It can be tied and worn in a multitude of ways, depending on both your attitude and the temperature!

And there's more: A new "little Mobius" which is a lovely one-skein neck warmer cowl that makes a great gift for yourself or a friend.
Come join me in Ridgewood, whether you're looking for hand-spun cashmere, Merino, Mink, a pattern or two, some interesting buttons, or would like to stop and chat; this is my favorite event and also my very FIRST event ever, in October of 2010 (awwwww!)
And if I have time I'll even bake cookies.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Purple-Swoon Fibers new store on Etsy

Lets be honest, there is no color more controversial. You either love it or hate it, and a lot of knitters love it. I do too, but not every purple that has come across my field of vision is a love.

I like the very deep eggplants, the saturated vibrating ultraviolets, the soft dusty lavender shades, and the charcoal infused purples. Not to mention the icy frosted pale purples.
Above are 2 yarn bases that are currently offered in Swoon Fibers as well, but only the purples are available at Purple:

LEFT: "Mousse" 80% Superwash Merino , 10% Cashmere, 10% Nylon, hand-dyed 575 yards 'Volcanic Purple" Lace or Fingering (sock) Weight

RIGHT: "Cleo"Super drapey soft and luxurious lace weight, in a 2-ply 50% Superfine Merino and 50% Silk, hand dyed, in Frosted Plum colorway; shades of blue tinted grays, pale purple, and purple..

In order to celebrate the opening of "Purple" , I am publishing a special 10% off Coupon Code for
my store.
10% off

The 10% off code is exclusive to Purple, but Purple accepts ALL Swoon Fibers coupon codes!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Yarns for Beach-Brain Knitting !

NEW YARNS: "KESSIE " (top photo) super soft cotton and milk protein blend is cool and soft to the touch,
 "MARNIE" seacell/silk blend is pure luxury and non-"slippy" to knit (2nd photo), and "MARLA" silk/linen blend is a total no-brainer for summer lightweight linen-ey goodness.(bottom photo), all great for summer knitting!

Monday, April 30, 2012

(Dubious) Acheivement Awards & Cup Give-away Competition

I would never give an award that I wasn't able to achieve for myself...Here is the deal: you PROVE to me your worthiness to win in the below categories (pictures/stories/testimonials from friends) objects and you get a free cup & (hand made) ribbon-type medal.
Categories of excellence:
fist place:
HIGHEST UFO MOUNTAIN (unfinished objects)
second place:
MOST EXPENSIVE UFO (you know who you are)
third place:
JUST PLAIN STUBBORN (intervention needed) 

contest rules:must be knitting or crochet, other than that- basically: none. please email your pictures and  stories to:


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Worsted and DK Sale!

Special Spring Sale ~5% off~ from today (sat 2 pm mar 17) until next saturday ( 2 pm Mar 24) on all worsted and DK weight yarns in my shop!
-DK and Worsted section-
~and yes, you can use your discount codes WITH this 5% OFF discount!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Raffle Winner!

Our raffle winner has been notified and will be receiving this skein of worsted superwash merino
in the colorway "Rainforest". The only other existing skein is in my Etsy shop here.
This is a new technique for me :"speckle" dyeing, or fleck, freckle or spot dyeing. I love the way the colors behave when they come in contact with the yarn and with each other.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Attraction in Blue & White

What is it about the color blue? It goes with everything, and has its roots in the color indigo, but its roots seem to be firmly American. However the love of blue is also from Japan in the form of stencil dyed pieces, Shibori and in other techniques.
and Chinese blue-and-white porcelain. From the description of the 1996 book "Blue and White Japan" by Amy Sylvester Katoh :
"From Finland to Guatemala blue and white is a classic color combination. But nowhere is this design element more a part of the interior landscape and culture than in Japan, where blue and white appear together in fine porcelains and on tiles, in textiles, kitchenware, futon coverings and kimonos. ..........Japanese indigo textile craftsmen and learn about such indigo techniques as katzome, stencil dyeing, and shibori, a delicate, sophisticated form of tie-dyeing in indigo. From hats to vases, floor cushions to tea settings, Blue and White Japan is a fascinating, inspiring look at this classic design."

Blue and white in linen cloths are a classic that is unquestioned in the kitchen. There is blue and white ticking, denim : " the fabric of hardworking, honest labour" ( and other blue and white threads that weave through different places and different times throughout history.

Here in my dye studio, I've been experimenting with a variety of yarns , with tie-dying and compression dyeing with my favorite color in this technique: Blue.
In the basket of yarns : Addison superwash worsted (from Italy) , Ariel sock weight 70 mink, 20 merino and 10 silk, and Silk Chainette tape yarn, and Margo pure silk worsted singles: all dyed in the "Indigo Shibori" colorway.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Raffle Winner for February

Trae from Michigan won the February raffle. The yarn is a new 50% cashmere and 50% white mink called "Emma". It's hand spun, and I must say an instant favorite. The two fibers dye slightly differently and make up a soft tweed. Trae won an undyed natural , which is a warm cream color.
(I have dyed up only four skeins so far)

Emma in Natural Cream

Emma in Hydrangea

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