Thursday, April 4, 2013

i love knitting

I love knitting.
I love finally being able to pick up my needles at the end of the day and go into the zone. After finishing taxes and chores and daily what- have- you, I look at the piece that's progressing and think about how the gradation is almost into the next color, the stitches are beginning to look more like a pattern, And as I knit each row I am Imagining, imagining, imagining..the next piece. The piece before, The piece after. It sends me into a daydream of thinking who I will give this to, How happy they will be, And the giving of it, the sharing of it, and more and more and more.
How I will dye the next gradient yarn. How I might write up the pattern, the layout of the page;the model; the background.
On a deeper level I am feeling the happiness in the eyes of my mom, who has passed away some 35 years ago, as she would smile about this knitting I am doing and want to knit one ;would appreciate the color, the handfeel of the yarn, And her mother, my grandmother, who would tease us and bring out her ecru perle cotton crochet that she masterfully performed using such unimaginably fine crochet hooks, that you could not even see the hook. And with such arthritic hands that didn't care,
So, its not about the thing itself, or the package or the idea, its the doing of it which has such soul.
The doing and the dreaming.

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